The Scent Atelier


     Thank you for visiting The Scent Atelier website. Growing up in Hawaii, I was blessed to be surrounded by an abundance of nature. This has made my heart full and given me a desire to share my wealth of knowledge about flowers and scents with others as well as my special perfume blends!

     Being an esthetician has allowed me to study the skin and see first hand what the right combinations of herbs and flowers can do to the body, mind and spirit. I love pampering my clients by using fresh, all-natural beauty care to give them relaxing beauty treatments. I'm also happy to share my knowledge by giving classes on Aromatherapy at my spa here in Hawaii.

     I welcome you to go through this site and
get to know me. You'll even be able to see my video where I will teach you how to make your own beautiful Gardenia Infusion using fresh Gardenia flowers. I think you'll enjoy my book,  'Aromatherapy & You'. It will help you to understand where I come from and why I love what I do. If you have any questions I hope that you'll contact me personally.