The Scent Atelier

Aromatherapy Classes...

Aromatherapy Classes...

      Attend one of Alexandra’s classes. Take a scent journey down the pathways of your olfactory sense. Learn how to use plants to increase overall well-being. Learn the basics of blending. Aromatherapy trainings are held quarterly, at each season change. Saturday 10am-4pm.  $175.00.

      3 Classes Available:

- Intro of Essential Oils
     Participant Participant will learn a brief history of Aromatherapy, how it is practiced in clinics today, what are essential oils and how they are extracted, and the essential oil profile of four most used essential oils. Participant will have the opportunity to smell top quality essential oils and experience their effects. Participant will receive hand-outs and Alexandra's book.

- Blending for the Massage Therapist
Participant will get to know important essential oils for increasing the benefits of massage therapy. This is a hands and nose on class to experience the effects of herbs and essential oils for the therapist and the client. Participants will observe an Aromatherapy Massage and create their own Aromatherapy massage blend to take home.

- Blending Essential Oils for Beauty and Health
Participant will learn the history of Aromatherapy and its many uses throughout the world. This is the basic essential oil healing and beautifying course. Participant will know the reasons for combining particular essential oils and how to put together a home and travel Aromatherapy wellness kit. Each participant will make a natural anti-bacterial blend and receive Alexandra's Aromatherapy book.

     Find out about upcoming educational opportunities by using the contact information below.