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Meet Alexandra Avery...

     As a child, Alexandra’s favorite play was hosting flower feasts in her tree forts on Kailua beach. Preparations for such feasts were made in the jungle thickets of beach-side plantings. Red Hibiscus flowers became petal salad, served on the perfectly round plates of the Sea Grape tree. Honeysuckle became delicate honey-cup desserts. She festooned her tree perch with Jasmine, a fragrant canopy under which she dreamed up new flower dishes. Her life-long interest in plants and their healing properties grew from such play.

      Alexandra says, “my work to fragrantly protect and heal the human body has led me to work for effective sustainability of our natural resources." Hawaii is a state in particular environmental stress as the beauty it markets becomes more and more fragile. Alexandra’s volunteerism is driven by a love of nature and a call to act more compassionately and responsibly toward our environment.

Aromatherapy & You...

     Take your senses on an aromatic adventure with this manual of fun and essential facts about natural skin care. Alexandra brings her years of experience and research to your home: You will learn how plants can preserve your skin and health, natural massage techniques to tone and rejuvenate your skin, how to personalize products and treatments for your individual skin type, and how to give yourself and your friends Alexandra's Aromatherapy facial and acupressure face lift. Create your own at home spa with Alexandra's easy to make health and beauty treatments.

A Review of 'Aromatherapy & You' at the All Natural Beauty Website...
     "If I had to sum this book up into one sentence, it would be... Aromatherapy And You is packed with natural beauty facts and fun, with a tropical twist.  But it's so much more than that..."
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'Aromatherapy & You' in paperback - $10.00

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Alexandra is the Skincare Expert at the All Natural Beauty Website. You'll find her informative answers as well as her many interesting and educational articles here