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Personalized Perfume
     Gift yourself or someone dear with an all natural perfume based on your unique scent print. Alexandra blends a scent portrait that expresses your individuality and enhances your well-being. Your perfume or healing blend is medicinal grade essential oils in your choice of either jojoba oil or grapeseed alcohol.

Your personal scent promotes overall well-being with a natural sensual appeal. Co-create your unique 'scent print' to celebrate your individuality. Alexandra designs your signature scent, drawn from a confidential personal fragrance profile. Refillable 1/2 ounce crystal bottle and a 1 oz. body spray/refill

Half ounce French Crystal flacon $85.00 One ounce $115.00

     These plant perfumes are worn singly or in combinations to lift your vitality. They correspond to specific elements of Nature and energetic centers or chakras of the body. Each honors the ancient wisdom in the I-Ching, book of changes.

the joyous - awake
A garden harmony of Moroccan rose, Tunisian orange blossoms, jasmine, mimosa, labdanum and sandalwood. The oracle of spring and new beginnings. Uplifting to the head and mind. AIR element.
grace - adore
Lush, sophisticated notes of Indonesian ylang-ylang, Egyptian jasmine, carnation, clove and angelica. This is the oracle of beauty, love and justice. Warming to the heart. WATER element.
the arousing - arouse
A potent aphrodisiac of ambrette seed (vegetable musk), sandalwood, vanilla and frankincense. This oracle of action and strength is worn on women and men to stir personal power. FIRE element.
influence - align
A clean green herbal scent of oak moss, sage, vetiver, violet leaves, sandalwood and patchouli. This oracle of stability and integrity is a favorite on men and women. EARTH element.

1/8 oz. engraved bottle and 1 oz. cobalt bottle refill $45.00

Perfume SamplerPerfume Samples
     Heighten vitality and sensuality with sample-sized vials of our four perfumes. The sampler is a dram vial of each in a compact. Good to try all 4 perfumes. $5.00

Spa Services...

  Alexandra has enjoyed a life-long passion for Aromatherapy, the practice of using plants and their essences. She blends plant extracts and pure plant essential oils to work in harmony with the skin, to support and enhance its vital functions.

• Classic European Facial 75 minutes $75
• Rose Hydrating Facial 75 minutes $75
• Skin Refining Facial 75 minutes $75
• Hydrosol Oxygen Facial 60 minutes $65
• Bio-current mini facelift 60 minutes $65
• Dr. Hauschka Facial 2 hours $120
• Infra-red Sauna & Facial 1.5 hours $90
• Glycolic Peel and Mask 45 minutes $55

Hair & Scalp Revive

  Scalp massage with Rosemary and Lavender essential oils to stimulate hair folicles and nourish hair. Add to your facial. 20 minutes $25

Reflexology Foot Treatment
  Begin with a detoxifying sage foot soak, followed by a reflexology foot massage to improve circulation and target specific areas of concern.
30 minutes $25

Organic Manicure & Pedicure
Begin with a cup of fresh herb tea and a sage foot soak. A hand and foot Hawaiian sugar and salt exfoliation is followed by a sandalwood coconut oil hand and foot massage, cuticle care, nail shaping, buffing or polish. 60 minutes $55

Hawaiian Scrub and Seaweed Wrap
Exfoliate with papaya and pineapple enzymes, raw sugar and coconut cream. Then mask, wrap in warm cotton sheets and rest while seaweeds, green clay and sandalwood detoxify, remineralize and tone skin.
1.5 hours $95

Detoxifying Sauna Treatment
Infra-red heat creates a physical response called resonance.This cellular vitalization increases circulation, detoxification and metabolism. Infra-red heat aids many physical conditions, including pain, heart health, immune power and weight control. Medical research proves benefits to joint and muscular pain, inflammatory conditions, and overall skin health. 30 minutes $20
Add on to any treatment $10

Detoxifying Body Treatment
Essential oils blended for your physical, mental and emotional balance, then applied to spine, palms, and soles of the hands and feet. Stimulate lymphatic drainage and immune function during a 20 min. infra-red sauna. Scalp massage and foot reflexology are given while your body rests in warm cotton wraps on the massage table.
75 minutes $85

Minerals for Health and Beauty
  Jane Iredale natural mineral colors provide full sun protection and a luminous coverage. Natural SPF is built into the lipsticks, eye shadows and all of Jane Iredale foundations and concealers.

  Alexandra helps you find your best natural look with a color matching at her make-up counter.

  Going somewhere special? Alexandra will give your face that Oscar-winning glow with the Jane Iredale touch to enhance your self-image.

Cop A Glow at The Color Bar!
Complimentary Make-up Tester Bar

Make-up Application 30 minutes $25
Make-up Lesson 30 minutes $25

You'll find the skin care line formulated by Alexandra Avery at:

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